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MamaSeed offers open-­‐source ingredients list.
All that is mentioned, is all that is.
Trust is the essence of all relationships, when it is done from the heart and at service for others.
This is my gift to you.



MamaSeed combines Selfcare and Ecology in an organic range that makes your every day life more conscious. Cruelty free, chemical free, recycled glass and PET containers ~ I care for you and for our planet.



MamaSeed recognises Nature as the blueprint of our sovereign infinite power. Following the wise women tradition based on Nourishment, she is walking the path of the ancient spiral healing concept of health / wholeness / holiness.

The Heart of MamaSeed:


My vision is to rise consciousness on the reflection of Self-care & Nature-care
through the use of natural organic skin care & herbal medicine. Caring for ourselves,
using the gifts of Nature, is honoring her nurturing Love & recognizing our
interconnected Essence. MamaSeed walks the path of the Wise Women Tradition.
Living by example, planting the seeds of the future, Nourishing the Mama seed
within us.


Art by: Brian Kirhagis


All is truly interconnected and what we want to see reflected in our world, should
start from the way we care for ourselves. Nature is the blueprint of the infinite Love
that connects us all. It contains all the answers from the scientific benefits to the
wisdom of healing. All the answers are here.

The Body of MamaSeed:


My name is Jaya Julie. I am an nature lover, world nomad, earth warrior, a mother,
yogini, healer, storyteller, wellbeing advocate and as a Truth seeker I resonate with
authentic values and the essence of humankind.
My first introduction in natural skincare and DIY home care was during a
permaculture and natural care retreat in 2012 in Southern Portugal. I deeply
realized that as being part of the whole of Nature, we had the responsibility to not
only respect Nature in our ways of living but also to care for our Body / Mind / Spirit
in our daily routine, as our responsibility to reflect Oneness with our environment
and within oursleves.
“Une ame saine dans un corps sain” a latin saying, a healthy soul in a healthy body,
as above so below. As the foods that we grow we then eat, the products that we use to treat our skin and our home, would need to come from the earth – as it all goes back into it.
From that time on I started to make my own travelling cosmetic essentials, natural
cleaning products, and started learning about the healing properties of the plant
kingdom and experiencing their benefits.


The Mind of MamaSeed:


MamaSeed Naturals was created in October 2017 in Guatemala.
Travelling and living in different continents for a few years made me an advocate for
a simple lifestyle and soulful experiences. I then chose Guatemala as a home base for
4 years, which taught me how to live with the basics and how to create almost
everything I needed with mostly raw local natural products. Finally my sweet
daughter Anaya was born in 2016 from a natural home water birth, with the help of

my midwife and sweet herbalist doolah. Her birth was so beautiful and perfect,
immersed in water, sacred music and plants. The reflection of the Power of Nature
through Creation blew my mind. There, was the sacred blueprint. My gratitude for
Creation. has been the biggest inspiration and motivation to create a line of products
that would reflect not only our conscious lifetstyle, but mostly my will to raise my
children in a world that acknowledges Nature as an essential part of us!

Mamaseed shoot 3 72dpi-20.jpg

Following this I undertook the online herbal Medicine Making course with the
Chestnut School of Herbal Medecine which enabled me to understand in a very
practical way the foundations of Medicine Making and Natural Body Care.
I continued to experience the alchemy of nature by myself, reading more articles
and books and still am!
I am now living in Southern Portugal where I am undertaking an apprenticeship in
Healing Herbs & Medecine Music, with The Herbal Path. I have happily found my
herbal medicine mentor, Maureen Robertson, with whom I can continue being a
student of the infinite wisdom of plants.

The Soul of MamaSeed:


In Nature I bow in eternal gratitude, for its immense treasures offered for our
healing and well-being, and its unconditional nurturing. In Nature I trust, I love and I
share. She is the Mother of all, the seed and the bloom of Creation, the full circle and
spectrum of Life.
As a mother myself now, I can understand her even deeper, receive her wisdom, and
transform her treasures to share and spread it out to the world. This is the
inspiration I want to give back to my daughter, so she can herself have the
foundations of living as a resilient human being, planting mama seeds in a new –
green world.


Yours for your natural raw beauty,


A completely non-toxic Body Care & Herbal Preparations
that treat your body with the care that you deserve.
These potions & lotions are made with a quality that most

of us have never experienced. And for that they need to be:

100% organic and cruelty-free.

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